Road to Perdition

- Hello?
- Hello.

Remind me,
which little Sullivan are you?

- Michael, sir.
- Sir? You don't have to call me sir.

I'm not your pa.
No, Mr. Rooney.
Call me Connor.
No, call me Uncle Connor.
What do you want?
Mr. Rooney sent me to get his jacket.
You come back later, huh?
I'm busy.
Yes... Sir.
Hello, hello.
I want to welcome all of you
to my home.

It's good to have so many friends
in this house again.

Since Mary died, it's...
Well, it's just been me and my boy
rattling around in these rooms.

I had this speech prepared,
but it would be...

...dishonest of me to say that
I knew Danny well.

But lose one of us, it hurts us all.
I'll tell you what I do remember, though,
and Finn will remember this too...

...and that's Danny
on the high school football team.

A championship game. Down six points,
1 0 seconds left to play...

...four yards to go,
Danny tackles his own quarterback.

Mistakes, you know...
We all make them. God knows.