Road to Perdition

Don't get me wrong, Finn.
I feel for you. I do.

You can't let a thing like that
give you cause to go mouthing off.

You and my dad,
you go back many years...

...and he is a just man.
So, what do you say?
Come on now, Finn.
Make this easy.
We can't hear you.
- All right.
- Good.

Thank you.
I am sorry. I'm sorry for your loss.
I'm sorry for this misunderstanding.

And I'm sorry your brother was
such a fucking liar.

- My brother was not a liar.
- Excuse me?

To protect my family and keep my job,
I'll stay quiet.

But don't think I don't know
something's going on.

- Don't think I won't find out what it is.
- Whoa, buddy...

Easy, easy.
We're just talking. You tell your father
my brother never stole from him.

I've checked the books. He never sold
booze to no one. It's all accounted for.

- Lf he sold it, where's the money?
- Fuck should I know?

- Did you check his mattress?
- Maybe you should check yours.

There's something immoral here,
don't you think, Mike?

My beloved father throws your
undeserving little brother...

...the wake of his life, and this...
This is your thank-you?

- What a hideous world this is.
- You think you're so smart.

You think we don't know? You're
spending so much time in Chicago...