Road to Perdition

- Should I?
- It's a good idea.

That's the only one.
I mean, I'm a grown man
and this place is getting to me.

Every night there's trouble.
No one's got no dough,
but all the world's here wasting it.

Always money for frills and twists,
and never money for food.

Sometimes I despair the species,
you know?

Number 1 2 in the beauty parlor.
Who's the lucky face?

I'm not from here originally, but jobs
ain't hanging off trees, you know.

I'm a boxer by trade.
Nine consecutive titles.

That's a record in South Orange.
I'd make a pretty good bodyguard,
I think.

What I'm saying is,
is Mr. Rooney looking for anyone?

You know, anyone like me, for example?
Is there any chance you might ask him?

- Sure.
- Thank you, Mr. Sullivan.

Thank you very much.
I appreciate it.

Mr. Calvino?
Mr. Calvino, Mike Sullivan's here.

- Shit.
- He wants to see you.

- Shit. Is he packing?
- Not anymore.

All right.
Show him in.
Hey, hey, hey.
You stick around, okay?

How the hell are you?
Things good with the old man?

What brings you here?
Don't imagine it's the pussy.