Road to Perdition

I will work only for you,
and you know I can do a good job.

I respect you, Mike. I do.
We would like nothing more than to have
you come work for us. But not like this.

What you're asking me is impossible.
Is it?
Let me explain something to you
that maybe you haven't realized.

All these years, you've been living
under the protection...

...of people who care about you.
And those same people
are protecting you now, including me.

So if you go ahead with this,
if you open that door...

:50:45're walking through it alone.
And all that Loyalty, all that trust,
will no longer exist for you.

And Mike, you won't make it.
Not on your own.

And not with a little boy.
You're protecting him already?
We're protecting our interests, Mike.
I drove all through the night
to see you.

I appreciate that.
Now I suggest you drive yourself back.

Go home, Mike.
Go home and bury your wife and child.

With our blessing.
It won't be that simple.