Road to Perdition

You heard?
Dad, listen to me.
He's in the building.

- You can end this now. Take him now.
- Connor, get upstairs.

God help me.
God help me. What do I do?
You think objectively.
And you make your choice.
What would you do if Sullivan
were just some guy?

God help me.
- Make it quick.
- And the kid?

Oh, Christ. No, no.
One day the kid becomes a man...
Think he won't remember?

I said not the kid.
All right.
I know who to call.
There's a guy who's done some work
for us in the past.

He's gifted.
Excuse me, ma'am. Press. Press.
He was raping my wife.
He raped my wife.

Come on, come on,
you're treading on the evidence here.