Road to Perdition

No more excuses. I've told you once,
now I'm telling you again...

- I'm looking for a Mr. McDougal.
- Just one moment.

Well, this is a pleasant surprise.
I wasn't expecting another
deposit until the end of the month.

Actually, I'm making a withdrawal.
I want dirty money only.

Everything you're holding for Capone
that's off the books. Open the safe.

You're insane.
You know they'll find out who you are.

The name's Sullivan.
You want me to spell it?

Open the box.
They'll kill you. They're animals.
You don't say. Put it in.
That's for you.
Call it a handling charge.
Tell Chicago I took it.

But if I read about this in the papers,
if I read about the savings of farmers...

...being wiped out by a heartless
bank robber, I won't be happy.

Good afternoon.
You really trust me not to say

Always trust a bank manager.
There's no rush.