Road to Perdition

So when do I get my share
of the money?

Well, how much do you want?
Two hundred dollars.
Okay. Deal.
- Could I have had more?
- You'll never know.

Come on, come on.
How much did they take?
How much?
Okay, answer me this:
What are we paying you for?

- Where's my father?
- What's this?

Why is no one talking to me?
I feel like a fucking prisoner.

I told you. You are not a prisoner.
You are being protected.

- This is what your father wants.
- I can look after myself.

No, you can't. This is the point.
You're a big baby who doesn't know
his thumb from his dick.

Fuck you.
The only reason you're still alive
is because you're John Rooney's son.

You're being a little
shortsighted here, Frank.

My father is an old man.
I am the future.
So don't you ever talk to me
that way again.