Road to Perdition

You're a smart man, Michael.
I wanna talk.
I didn't think I'd see you again.
Read this.
Connor's been stealing from you
for years.

He keeps accounts open under the names
of dead men. Men like the McGoverns.

I stood there and helped him
kill Finn to line his own pockets.

I thought I was working for you,
but I wasn't.

You think I'd give up my son?
He was betraying you.
I know.
Now, listen to me.
I tried to avoid more bloodshed.
You wouldn't accept that...

:20:18 I did what was necessary.
But I've always loved you like a son.

And now I'm telling you,
leave before it's too late.

They're protecting him now, but when
you're gone, they won't need him.

- This ends with Connor dead regardless.
- That may be...

...but you are asking me...
:20:43 give you the key to his room
so you can walk in...

...put a gun to his head
and pull the trigger. I can't do that.

- He murdered Annie and Peter.
- There are only murderers in this room.

Michael, open your eyes.
This is the life we chose,
the life we lead.