Roger Dodger

- Roger, pick up line two.
- Who is it?

-It's regarding the new campaign.
-Which new campaign? Get a name, please.

- It's Susan.
- Tell her I'm out.

- She says it's important--
- Tell her I'm out.

Yeah. This is, like, surly.
That's like, ''What is that?''

- And this is, like--
- You want surly?

-This is like '90s, adorable normal guy.
-I am that.

- That's your problem.
- That's your nightmare.

Hey, Roget.
You going to Joyce's tonight?

- Didn't you get the E-mail?
- What E-mail?

About the party?
You going?
Joyce throws a party,
I don't ask questions. I just show up.

She's on a conference call.
Ted, there's someone
in my offiice.

- Bye, Ted.
- It's okay, Donna, you can--

- Bye, Donna.
- I'll call you back in fiive minutes.

''Five minutes''?
This is a fiive-minute situation?

Sit down.
I don't wish to sit down.
I wish to stand.

Did you try to get
into my building last night?

Why am I not invited tonight?
Everyone will be there except me.

What is that going to look like?