Rokugatsu no hebi

I just can't stop gazing at them.
Oh, what the hell...
When you called the hotline, you
wanted to die.

You didn't tell me anything about
the disease.

So you had cancer, uh?
- I was afraid you'd dismiss me if
my condition was only physical.

You probably can't call me ever

Stop stalking me.
- I don't Intend to cause trouble
ever again.

It was my last wish.
My body is still alive and I can't end
my life like this.

After that, I went home. My stomach
was aching so I rubbed it with my
hand which started aching too.

Do you think I sympathize?
- Oh God, I know!

I'm going to die anyway... as a wife
who doesn't understand her husband.

A hardworking nerd who can't
express her emotions, someone you
look down on.

Nowthat you've decided how I'm
gonna die, stop vandalizing my life.
I hope you die lonely.