Run for the Money

What are you doing here?
I’ve hired another girl.

I’m not here to work.
A vodka, straight up, no ice.

You don’t look good.
What’s wrong?

I’m fine. Make it double.
Are you working
the day shift?

A little early for vodka.
It’s not your fucking
business, is it?

It’s for you.
What did you do at school?
I did Math,
but that’s just boring.

I always hated Math.
What did you do
when you were away?

I thought about you,
Paige, about life in general.

Ever think about mommy?
All the time.
She was a beautiful lady.
I miss her everyday.
Paige took good care of me.
But she’s so young.
I’m glad you like her.
Do you want a soda?

-Two sodas.

Sorry I couldn’t be there
for you.