Sex Is Comedy

We can see you're only kissing her
because it says so in the script!
That mustn't show in the movie.
In real life, people kiss
because they want to!

- This isn't real life.
- You're an actor!

An actor has to look real.
not like an actor!

She doesn't want me to kiss her.
she told me!

You have to kiss her.
You read the part?

Later you're supposed to make love!
Kiss him.
Forget that he's talking crap.
You shouldn't even talk to him.
You're dying for him to kiss you.
And you know he'll do it,
even though it's absurd,

so when he does it, you...
Don't stop for your lines!
To hell with what I wrote!

I want you to kiss interminably.
But he won't kiss me.
He says you won't! I believe you.
The nerve!
I kissed him.
I don't care, I know it's my work!
In love scenes.
boys are shier than girls,

so you go it...
The camera's on you,
but he could wreck the scene.

He kisses badly.
Not as well as my boyfriend.
So you kiss her badly?
Dunno. I only kiss girls who want to!
Kiss her so she enjoys it, OK?
At least so l.
as a spectator, enjoy it!

Go on. kiss now! Let us see. Go on!
Go on, hurry!
- I get in position?
- Yes, I'm waiting!

Not little pecks, kiss her properly.