Sex Is Comedy

A bottle of champagne?
Taittinger, OK?
...But your kind of scenes
don't make things easier.

You said it.
That's the problem.
An intimate scene...
A "nude scene", as they say...
I hate that expression!
...always frightens them a lot more,
even though, paradoxically,
it's what made them
want to do the film!

They can't admit it to themselves.
Once they've got the part,
and have to do the scene.

and admit they wanted to do it,
and that they wanted
to be watched doing it,

then the fear sets in.
Then they try and blame you:
"You revel in this kind of scene!"
You trapped them!

Because they see the scene
as they'd direct it.

As something dirty.
As if I didn't exist!

Whereas I like purity.
But the dunghill kind.
Or it's not purity, it's dumb.

But where they have a point is,
no one faults you
for a bad restaurant scene.

you were in a lousy movie,
doesn't matter!

But your ass,
in a sex scene, is your ass!
And they always
trigger the hostilities!

Let's hit the sack.
You know, I think they have
to hate me to act well.

Once they don't care if I love them,
they can face my look,
my judgment,