Sex Is Comedy

Jeanne will take this very badly!
You making a big mistake, pal!
You said he needn't stay at the inn?
I did not.
I said it was OK until tonight.

Shall I call him at the hotel?
No. I don't want to talk to him!
But he'll hear from me!
But what do I do?
Send my 2nd assistant
to move him by force?

He can do what he wants!
I don't care!

I said Jeanne isn't with me!
I can't disturb her!

Call her in her room!
All I know is she's furious!
Call her and settle it with her!

I won't talk to him.
Some days
I hate playing go-between!

You pick actors,
because you love them.

But once they've got the role,
they change.

Because now you can't fire them,
so they get even.

You treat them
like princes and princesses.

But they want to be loved
for what they are.

So once they've been chosen
and have power,

and even the dumbest
understand that...

the film becomes their hostage.
They're in front of the camera,
you can't do a thing about it.

It's really painful.
I say I hate them,
but deep down I love them.