Being a policeman
is not what you see on TV.

l've never had to pick between
the red and blue wires.

Never seen a police car flip and cause
other cars to burst into flames.

Never had to jump across rooftops.
l investigate crimes, track leads. . .

. . .and sit in court. lt's difficult,
tedious work, and you won't get rich.

But l've done it for 28 years.
l'm a detective. That's what l do.
lf you break the law. . .

. . .l'll do all l can to hunt you down
and put you behind bars.

l won't say that l succeed every time.
But l try to make sure that
if you do the crime, you'll do time.

Any questions?
Well, Detective Preston,
why don't you tell us about. . .

. . .the lighter side of police work?
You know. The fun days.
l chased him over three roofs.
You can't do this!

lt's from the mayor.
You're a loose cannon.

-You destroyed a city block!
-He fired first.

l should read him his rights?
-You should've called for backup.
-My only backup is in a hospital bed!