-Okay, officer. You nice with yours.
-You damn right.

lf your boys want to know who put the
smack down on you, my badge is 38723.

l go by the name of Trey Sellars,

-l believe this belongs to you, ma'am.
-Chase Renzi. That was incredible.

Just doing my job, like the badge
says, protecting and serving.

-Get this psycho off me!
-What's with the Superfly shit?

-l got the situation in hand.
-Top Cop, how you doing?

This is my collar.
Never leave a suspect
who's not cuffed.

-He could've had a gun.
-Nobody got no gun.

Trey, l think you broke a rib.
Tell him to get the cuffs off.

l told you l can't do handcuffs.
You have the right to remain silent!

-You know each other?

Never seen him before.
Just another criminal.

Bullshit. We took a stage combat class
together last fall.

Nice try, pal.
He's just trying to weasel
his way out of the crime.

-That's what he's doing.
-He looks like a real menace.

Who wants to explain?
Trey said he'd give me $50 if l
snatched the lady's purse and ran.

He'd pull up in his police car,
jump out. . .

. . .chase me up a fence,
beat me down, kick me--

All right, all right. Okay.
l set the whole thing up.
lt was a big setup.

l set it up to make it look
like l was. . . .

-l was auditioning to get this part.
-What part?

Your partner.
We've been interviewing.

lt won't be this moron.
l should report you
for impersonating a cop.

Put a lock on that ""moron"" shit.
Why you take everything so seriously?