The guy's a joke.
There's no way l'll work with him.

l don't want to hear it.
Shit, come on.

You're doing this. That's an order.
Trapped in the jaws, he struggled.
You'll never see no brothers
messing with no sharks.

l saw you on TV,
shooting up the neighborhood.

What's going on, Vargas?
l was trying to call you, dog.

Oh, yeah?
l got cell phones, call waiting,
e-mail, voice mail. . .

. . .and l haven't heard una chingada
from you.

lt ain't like that, dog.
l'm laying low till everything
dies down. lt got crazy.

And did l say you could use my gun?
You know, Lazy Boy, l trusted you.
And you let me down.
And now you put
my entire shipment at risk.

You used that gun
without my permission.

We don't want that getting
into the wrong hands, do we now?

No, l was just borrowing it.
Just testing it out, you know?

-And how did it work?
-Real good. l got it right here.

So we cool, right?
-Yeah. We cool.
-l'm sorry about--

Don't worry. We cool, Lazy Boy. Okay?
-We're cool.
-All right.

You two have a nice night. Okay?
All right.