What are you looking at that for,

-How come we're not talking to him?
-Because he's sitting in county.

A jailhouse.
That could be the next episode.

Forget it. l put him there.
He's the one who knows
about this gun.

He won't talk to me. l already tried.
He'll talk to me.
What makes you think
he'll talk to you?

l won't go in like a bulldog like you.
-l'll talk. l'll be in character.
-ln character!

That's great.
You mean, like undercover?

A little finesse, catch him off guard,
have him think l'm someone else.

Character. What kind of a character?
l don't know.
ReRun! How you doing, my man? l'm Trey
Sellars from the Justice Channel.

-Have a seat, please. You being strong?

-Thanks for coming. You okay?
-l ain 't heard of no Justice Channel.

That's because we got started
while you was rotting away in here.

The Justice Channel is devoted to
shining the light on victims like you.

-He's got talent, Mitch, come on.
-We're wasting our time.

ls that a new shirt?
lt looks good. l like you in solids.
What's this shit about you
getting me out?

Not me, brother, the TV show.
l'm hosting a show called Framed.

Let me tell you about the show.
We spotlight you.

Put a light on your situation.
Let the people see you.

Hopefully, we get a grassroot
campaign started and get you out.