... than Vargas!
Caesar Vargas!
He said it!
Hope you're watching, bitch.
-You did the right thing, brother.

Find out where he is.
-You going down, baby.
-You made a connection.

When the people see this,
they'll get rallied up. l can tell.

Now, where would a guy
like Vargas kick it?

-You trying to get a brother killed--
-Not at all.

l do this for the viewers.
We don't point fingers.

We'll say, ""lf you don't want to run
into Vargas don't go to this place. ""

Hanging out with him, you wind up
in this place. That's how you got here.

Look to the camera.
Think about the babies, the children.
Save the babies, brother.

...and children in TV land and all
the little kids around the world...

. . .don't be like me.
And if you want to stay
out of harm's way. . .

. . .don't go to Club Cuba Loca
on Figueroa.

lt's a bad place. Don 't go.
He's just lucky.
Brother, you did the right thing.
Don't you feel good?

-We connected.
-A weight off my shoulders.

You going down, bitch.
l got backup now.

Hey, that's a wrap.
Yeah! Come on, Mitch.
Now it's time for us
to get down to my story.

l was born in a corn field,
Grandma was a stripper--

Save all that for when you do
The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Yo, we going to the club tonight.