Be back for pizza in 15.
It's just a bunch
of crock.

They're trying to sell sodas.
It's plain and simple.

Been watching these reports
since morning.

I have seen 12 soda
commercials so far...

You have any books
on extraterrestrials?

Now, don't tell me you believe
this horse manure.

As a matter of fact,
I think we have one.

Came by mistake
in a shipment...

decided to keep it
for the city people.

Last row, third book
on the left, honey.

Man on radio: Why is no one
saying the obvious?

These are just copycats.
Someone somewhere does
the first one...

It was asthma medicine,
right, Father?

For Morgan Hess.
And it's not "Father"

In less than an hour,
a couple hundred people
get the same brilliant idea,

and here we are, on
the verge of mass hysteria.

Can I ask you a favor,

I need to clear
my conscience.

Will you listen to me?
Tracey... I am not
a reverend anymore.

I haven't been
for six months.

You know this.
All this stuff on TV...
two girls came in here
talking about the end
of the world...

I'm just a little scared.
Please, I need to clear
my conscience.

I've got it figured.
You do?
I've had two separate
folks tell me

there have been strangers
around these parts
last couple nights.

Can't tell what they look like
'cause they're staying
in the shadows... covertlike.