Smoking Room

Human Resources Manager.
No, not General,
no, darling.
That's in the Army.
Yes, sure.
I have a lot of work to do.
Yes, everyone eIse is here.
l'm talking to you
and everyone else is working.

You can't call me all day long.
No, don't call
me again today.

Whenever I have anything
to tell you, l'll call you.

Ok, in the afternoon if you want,
but just once.

See you later.

This says "lnternet is the
future of communications."

"Any company that today
wants to participate
in free trade,...

buying and selling,
in consumer allegiance...

will have to be on lnternet."
-Listen, Carlos...
-Wait, wait.

lt also says that it is inconceivable
that within 15 years,

we can do business
like we're doing now.

-Can you believe this?
-Tell me something.

"The sites
of the information routes

created decades ago...
Listen, CarIos.
The guy is bIack.

What guy?
The new president at headquarters.
-There's a new guy?
-Of course.

A new president for the company.
And he's black?
He's black.
Very black?

More or less.
-A colored man?
-A colored man.

We can talk, right?
You can taIk to me about
whatever you want.