Smoking Room

-Give him nine, and that's it.
-Okay, okay, okay.

-l'll be number four.
-You, number four?

Yes, that's my number.
Well, we'll see about that.
For the moment, l've got you
down as number four, okay?

-Give me number 4, and period.

-Fernández, four.
-That's it.

Okay, perfect.
That's it.
We'll beat them this Saturday.
-This Saturday?



-This Saturday?
-Yes, this Saturday.

I spoke to Jordi and we decided it
was this Saturday.

-Not this Saturday, man.

-You can't make it?
-Not this Saturday.

You're driving me crazy.
You're always changing
the dates.

No, not me.
-l told everyone.
-l have a wedding.

-l can't play this Saturday.
-Don't go to the wedding.

-Let's change the match.
-We can't change the match.

l've got a wedding.
-Then you're on the bench.
-That's even worse.

As a stand-in. lf you make it,
you'll play. lf not, that's it.

And which number
are you playing with?

You know what?
l'll place everyone
and whatever
number is left over is mine.

Goalkeeper, for example.

-No way.
-Yeah, goalkeeper.

Don't you like the word?

l'm working, you know.
lf I get up to come
answer the phone...

imagine if you put all
my calls through here.

Who was it?
Shit, l'm in a meeting.
-l'm sorry.
-Don't worry.

Can l count on you?
-Can l count on you?
-l used to smoke, you know.