Snow Dogs

Good morning, fine ladies.
Good morning.
- Good morning.

Busy day, Doctor.
Yeah, they all are.
We will be with you all
in a while

and we promise
to make you smile.

Now, if your jaw still hurts

take two pills.
If it still hurts
tomorrow, then...

you should probably find
a new dentist.

"Find a..."
It's a little joke.
- Anyway...

just call us tomorrow,
let us know how you feel.

Sugar cookies.
- Hello, little darling.

Hello, you.
Mom... hi.
Teddy Bear!
Hi. How are you?
Can I...?
Excuse us for a second.
Uh, enjoy them.
- Come on, Mom.

I love that you're
involved in my practice...

but you can't be giving
out sugar cookies

in a dental office.
Your father always believed
in the personal touch.
And repeat business.
Hey, T, got a surprise.
This guy says
he's an old buddy of yours.

I don't know this man.
Well, I'm Ernesto Julio Raphael Santisto.
And you've been served.
Do you validate?
Oh, no, you got to go.
Hey, hey, stamp my ticket, man.
Sure, I'm gonna stamp your head.
Stamp my ticket!
Are you being sued?
Oh, hey, if this is
about that Freeman kid...

He's lying.
I mean, okay, maybe I shouldn't
have been drilling left-handed

but he dared me...
Would you shut up.
It's about a will.