Snow Dogs

Don't talk to me like I'm four.
You're not the boss of me.
Of course I shouted, "Stop."
They wouldn't stop
if you shout, "stop."
You have to shout,
"Break and hook."

Break and hook. Got it.
I want to go, I say, "Mush."
Only in the movies
do they say, "Mush."

Here you say, "Hike."
If you want to
go to the left

you shout, "Haw."
And if you want
to go to the right

you shout, "Gee."
Why not just say right and left?
Why do they got to make things
so complicated?

Man, you really stink.
What's that?
Don't worry, mountain man.
It's just me.
What are you doing here?
I thought it'd be
nice to walk the hill.

And it would be nicer
if you give me a ride back down.
This is where I was going to
take you for that picnic.

How did you know about it?
I found Lucy's diary.
"It's quiet and perfect.
"The one place I feel peaceful
and can think
about the big questions."

This is the place all the folks
around here come for answers.

Oh, nothing but time
and places to think around here.

Great places, sure,
but, uh, no Starbucks.

No indoor plumbing.
Oh, yeah?
You know what else they don't
have in this town?

Crime, traffic, buses
to put your face on.

If I could just
get that old man

to sit down with me for an hour.
Just to find out what happened.
It isn't like I want
anything from him.