lfyou're not feeling well,
we can recess the hearing.
l will continue.
lt was absolutely naked,
as if new born.

And it was moist, or rather slippery.
lts skin was glistening.
lt rose and fell
with the waves,

but it was moving by itself.
The whole thing was repugnant.
Wait a minute,
there isn't very much more.
...Burton's statements
would appear to be

the expression
of a hallucinatory complex,

induced by atmospheric
influences ofthe planet,

plus obscure symptoms to which
the brain's cortical substance

contributed in some measure through
the excitation of associated zones.

This report in no way reflects
the actual facts.

Or almost in no way.
There's a different opinion
offered by Professor Messenger

who believes
that the information

supplied by Burton
could be true

and needs to be
thoroughly studied.

l saw everything l described
with my own eyes!

l would dare to venture
another opinion.

We are on the verge
of an immense discovery,