l think that Solaristics
is at an impasse

as a result of
irresponsible fantasizing.

l'm only interested in truth,
but you want to convince me
ofyour point of view.

l can't draw conclusions
based on ''reasons of heart''.

l'm not a poet.
My problem is simple:

either end the research,
withdrawing the station from orbit

and legalizing the crisis in

or take extreme measures,
like bombarding the ocean
with high intensity beams.

No, not that!
Didn't you want to continue
the research at any price?

And you want to destroy that which
we aren't capable of understanding?

No, l don't advocate knowledge
at any price.

Knowledge is only valid when
it rests on a foundation of morality.

Man is the only agent
who renders science immoral.

Don't forget Hiroshima.
Then don't make science immoral!
lt's strange...

There's nothing strange about it.
Even you can't be sure that
all you had seen
weren'tjust hallucinations.

Thank you for your time. We have
nothing more to say to each other.

- ls anything the matter?
- l'm leaving.

He is a bookkeeper, not a scientist.
We're friends, Burton, but you
shouldn't say that about him!

We've known each other for 20 years.
lt had to end someday, l guess.

Are you leaving the child?