Sorority Boys

This place is great.
Look, let's at least
join Tri Pis,

where there's something
to look at.

Look at us. We're not
exactly Tri Pi material.

Yeah? Well, what
about clothes? We don't
have any more money!

Don't worry
about it, man.

There's all kinds of
leftover shit in here.

Oh, my God, man.
Look at this little handbag.

This'll go perfect
with my shoesies.

Holy --
So, most of us
know each other
from last semester,

but there are
a few new faces.

So let's go
around the room

and share something
about ourselves.

I'm Leah,
house president.

:20:47 most of you know,
I can get a little serious
about things.

Maybe even a little
too serious.

That is so true.
lsn't it, girls?
lsn't it? lsn't it?

Sure it is. Sure it is.
So, h-how 'bout you?
My name is Adina,
and I like sports --

football mostly.
How about you?
Well -- well,
my name's Daisy.

That's a pretty name.
Oh, thank you.
I was named after
my grandmother's sister

on my mother's side.
And I have to agree
with what you were
saying before.

You know, I look around
campus, and I see the way
that guys treat women.

And as a woman,
you know, I'm not
asking for anything

other than the respect
that any normal person
deserves, you know?

I -- I am an exchange
from France, no?

I love your American way.
Those skyscrapers and --
and -- and the baseball.

Ohh! And -- and those
toilets that flush.