Star Trek: Nemesis

As much as we don't want...
Someone alert security!
Bring back Senator TaI'Aura!

Duty. A starship captain's life
is filled with solemn duty.

I have commanded in battle, negotiated
peace between implacable enemies.

I have represented the Federation
in first contact with 27 alien species.

But none of this compares
with my solemn duty today...

:04:29 best man.
Now, on an occasion such as this,
it is expected that I be gracious

and fulsome in my praise
on the wonders of this blessed union.

But have the two of you
considered what you are doing to me?

You're happy, but what about my needs?
This is All a damned inconvenience.

While you're settling in on the Titan,
I will be training my new first officer.