Star Trek: Nemesis

You know him.
He's a tyrannical martinet who will never,
ever allow me to go on away missions!

That is the regulation, sir.
Starfleet Code, section 1 2...

- Data.
- Sir?

- Shut up.
- Yes, sir.

1 5 years I've been waiting to say that.
No, seriously, Will, Deanna,
there's still time to reconsider. Yes?

- No.
- No? Very well, then.

Will Riker, you have been
my trusted right arm for 1 5 years.

You have kept my course
true and steady.

Deanna Troi, you have been
my guide and my conscience.

You have helped me recognize
the better parts of myself.

You are my family.
In maritime tradition...
...I wish you both clear horizons.
My good friends, make it so.
The bride and groom!
You ever think about marrying again?
No, 23 was my limit.
- Are you All right?
- Romulan ale should be illegal.

It is.
- A lovely toast.
- It was from the heart.

Don't worry. I'll brief your new counselor
on everything she has to know.