Star Trek: Nemesis

It's very faint but I've isolated it to
the third planet in the Kolarin system.

- What do we know?
- Uncharted.

- We’ll have to get closer for more detail.
- Theories?

Positronic signatures are only known
to emanate from androids.

It is logical to theorize
there is an android on Kolarus LLI.

Just what I feared. Captain?
Diverting there takes us close
to the Romulan Neutral Zone.

It's still well on our side. I think...
:09:44's worth a look.
Don't worry, Number One.

- We’ll have you to Betazed in time.
- Thank you, sir.

Where we will All honour
the Betazoid tradition.

Now, if you’ll excuse me,
I’ll be in the gym.

Mr. Branson, Iay in a course
for the Kolarin system, warp five.

What do you think, Data?
A Long-Lost relative?

I read six distinct positronic signatures,
spread out over a few kilometers.

- What about the population?
- Isolated pockets of humanoids.

It appears to be a pre-warp civilization
in early industrial development.

I wouldn’t recommend the transporter.
That ion storm doesn't Look neighborly.

- It could head our way without warning.
- Understood.