Stealing Harvard

That's great. Let me ask you this:
Do you have any kids?

Good. Three of them?
Well, that's even better.

Because I want an audience
when I come over, take you out...

...and beat the living bejesus
out of you!

- I was putting an offer on your house.
- Great. How'd that go?

He's mulling it over.
We got the house!
I was worried about the other offer,
but it fell through.

It must be fate! I'm so happy!
Should we stop?
Why do you always do that?
We get a nice mood going,
and then you ruin it.

I think you have some intimacy
problems, John. I really do.

What is that?
John! John, come here!
Is that Duff?
Yeah, I guess it is.
- You can't ring the doorbell?
- I didn't wanna wake up Elaine.

That's why you were
revving your engine?

Okay, well, I guess someone doesn't
want $30,000.

- From where?
- I asked my uncle.

Are you serious?
I don't know what to say.

Don't worry about it. Hop in.
We gotta meet him in 1 5 minutes.

- I see.
- What is he doing here?

- Evening, ma'am.
- You wanna shut off M'Lady?

You wanna shut it off for me?
Maybe you'd like to shut it off for me!

Just, please.
Just sit tight a second. Okay?

I thought you weren't
hanging out anymore.

- Duff's grown up an awful lot.
- He's still an asshole.

- Casserole.
- I said asshole.