Stealing Harvard

I know I've always been
too wild for your tastes...

...but what can I tell you?
I've got an independent spirit.

And a thing for
the Electricians Local 2 1 4.

Why are you so mean?
Give me a break.

Patty, I'm sorry! I'm having
a really rough time right now.

I'm having trouble
getting it together.

Do you remember
Mom and Dad's funeral?

- And that suit you wore?
- The brown one.

You couldn't tie your tie, and you
asked me to do it, but I couldn't.

- It was no big deal. The priest did it.
- But that is a big deal, John.

Because I'm your older sister, and
I couldn't even tie your goddamn tie.

I mean, look, I know I'm not
gonna win the Best Sister prize...

God, John...
...what you are doing for Noreen...
:44:14 so generous and so good.
It's nice to know after all this time...
...I have a little brother
who maybe sort of loves me.

You know I love you.
You're my family.
Uncle John! What a surprise!
This is my uncle. If it wasn't for him,
none of this would be possible.