Sunshine State

They're getting big.
-It's the first you've been back since--
-I came back for the service...

...when my father passed.
-But I only stayed for a day.
-That's a good while ago, your father.

Kind of slow for you down here.
Look, I....
-I kind of wanted to apologize.
-For what?

For Carter.
That's another lifetime
you're talking about. 25 years.

We were friends.
I shouldn't have gone after him.

But you did.
-You always did what you wanted to.
-I didn't do it to hurt you.

-Ancient history.
-So Carter still in town?

He inside sleeping.
Works nights at the box factory.

-You got married?
-After a while, yeah.

-When you left town--
-When I was sent away.

Everybody thought it was Carter
got you pregnant.

It wasn't.
That's what he's saying nowadays.
I guess I wasn't too worried
about the rumours.

-Made your exit and didn't look back.
-Some drama, huh?

Girl, we ate that shit up.
I had to listen to everybody
run you down...

...being the tragic ex-girlfriend and all.