Super Troopers

What an asshole.
Got any I.D. on the corpse?

Yeah. "Jane Doe."
Do you know her?

[ Laughs ]
Oh, we're working on it.

It's called
routine police work.

she had a cartoon monkey
tattooed on her back.

John Chimpo, I'm told.
And those cannabis bags
in our truck...

those stickers had
the same monkey logo.

So we think there might be
some kind of connection.

Are you suggesting
that a cartoon monkey is
bringing drugs into our town?

- Look, I know
we don't like each other.
- I like you.

Come on! I'm looking
for a little cooperation here.

John Chimpo.
[ Clears throat ]

- [ Feedback ]
- Hanson, could you round up,
uh, Johnny Chimpo...

and, uh, Jerry Giraffe
and Arty the Alligator
and bring them in for a lineup.

- Thanks, sweetie.
- Sounds like they're having fun.

That's what happens when
you start hanging out
with a state trooper.

We show you the funny.
Well, where were we?
Uh, you were laying
your best rap on me
and I was resisting.

- But you were starting
to think about it.
- [ Chuckles ]

- I told you.
I don't touch highway hog.
- Baby, I'm Sizzle Lean.

I scratched your back, Bruce.
I scratched it good and hard.

Now, either you scratch my back
or you're gonna get my size ten
boot up your ass!

Desperation is
a stinky cologne, John.

Let's see. You are an expendable
line item on a state spending bill.

You have a station full
of crappy cops.

I am about this far away
from having a bigger budget.

And now, you come in here
talking about...

monkey tattoos on some
drunk lady's tit like it's
a goddamn drug conspiracy.

[ Chuckles ]
Keep your bags packed, John.
Let us handle the real
police work, huh?