Sweet Home Alabama

They laugh at that up north
or wherever it is you been?

You knew where I was.
And don't even pretend you spent
all this time missing me.

Oh, I missed you,
all right.

But at this range,
my aim is bound to improve.

Is that a threat?
I've got a lawyer
who charges $350 an hour.

He billed me every time
you sent these papers back.

Well, I'm glad to see
you finally got the message.

Shut up, Bear!
- Shut up, Bryant!

What happened to Bear?
- He died.

You weren't here.
What are you doing?!
Leavin'. You done it.
You should recognize the gesture.

Could we just try to keep this
as civilized as possible?

Please sign these papers
so I can go home.

What do you know from home?
Hell, I bet your folks don't
even know you're in town.

That's my business.
Honey, those people are
the only family you got.

Don't you "honey" me, honey!
Get your butt back in that car,
you drive over and see 'em,...

and then maybe we'll talk.
Jake! You dumb, stubborn,
redneck hick!

The only reason you won't sign these
papers is 'cause I want you to!

Wrong! The only reason
I ain't signin'...

is 'cause you've turned into
some hoity-toity Yankee bitch...

and I'd like nothin' better
right now than to piss you off!

What are you doin' with
Mose Plydell's plane anyhow?!

That's my business!
Divorce, my ass.