Tan de repente

It's mine.
I bought it today.
You could have asked.

Don't get carried away.
You don't ask every time
you do something, right?

Are they good?
- They are a bit burned.
- Baked golden.

You are right,
the oven was too hot.

Then I brought it down.
Now they look good, see?

Looks like it hasn't eaten in years.
Do you feed him well?
He feeds himself,
he eats all day.

This dog is insatiable.
He eats ravenously!
What did he do to you?
Fucking dog, he hurt you!
Don't say that of him,
poor thing.

Bring me some alcohol and cotton
and I'll disinfect it.

Don't worry.
It's only a scratch.

It doesn't hurt.
Is this dog sick or something?
Don't worry.
It's properly vaccinated.