I was looking for Lynn Wilson.
She lives here, doesn't she?

Yeah, come on in.
Chief Inspector Minks.
My colleague Schrader.

You're friends?
We studied together. In New York.
You see each other frequently?
No, never.
We came back together.
That is, at the same time.
We lost sight of each other quickly.
When did you talk to her last?
Before your last phone call?
That must have been 3 years ago.
Perhaps you could tell me
what's going on here.

Lynn Wilson is dead.
What? - A traffic accident.
We don't know anything more specific
at the moment.

You don't seem to be very sad
about your girlfriend's death.

We knew each other so long ago.
It seems like another lifetime.
Anyway, I'm not surprised.
Oh yeah? Why?
A person's home is supposedly
the mirror of their soul.

We will probably have to question you
in the next few days.

Where can we reach you?
I'll give you the number of my gallery.
That should be enough.

Do you have a pen?