The Believer

l was coming to say goodbye.
l'm going to Boston. Convert the lefties.

- Where's Mrs Moebius and, uh,...
- Carla?

She left about an hour ago.
How soon can you be back in the city?
'Bout a week or so.
There's something l wanna do out here first.
What's that?
Make an impact.
Skater boy!
Nice board, kid.
- Take the Pap smear to go!
- (laughter)

The gentile fish...
Oh, like his hair(!)
Who does your hair?
- What's Drake having?
- (laughter)

He'll have the waiter.
- You guys know what you want?
- We sure do.

Can l get a... a ham and cheese on white?
We don't serve ham, we don't serve cheese.
Well, it said white...
What the fuck do you serve?

That's why you have the menus.
Can l have roast beef with Swiss?
We don't serve cheese.
- What's wrong with cheese?
- This is a kosher restaurant.

We don't serve meat with dairy.
What about with chicken?
Chicken's meat.
Says in the Bible,
you don't seethe a kid in its mother's milk,...