Tian xia wu shuang

But not with the present him.
Otherwise, you two would not bear fruit.
What are you talking about?
When you get the Unique...
Destiny Ring,
The "Mirage" shall materialize
into true love.
Remember, your destiny...
Flourishes under a peach blossom tree.
Remember. Peach blossom!
Don't joke with me!
I wouldn't dare, Princess.
Emperor Zheng De must now
call it a day.

You nearly fooled me.
How does he know I am a woman?
Crazy guy.
Good man...
I am being followed, please help me.
No problem, Princess!
Who are you?
Your royal servant Fay...
Former head of the Palace troops,
Under the command of the Queen Mother,
We need to operate in disguise to
find Princess.

The Queen Mother has ordered...
To keep this operation confidential, so...
Sop following me!
Don't follow!
Your dare to bump into the son of
the Magistrate.

What are you looking at?
I am talking to you!