Tian xia wu shuang

It is the first time I feel the blood
of love rushing to my heart.

On the brink of life and death,
I start to fantasize!Travel Around
the World.

I can tell she is fantasizing.
I must outdo her!
What is Mr. Ko doing?
Fantasizing, probably.
I learned from Mr. Ko today
That he was originally an actor.
Like my brother, he is a wanderer.
He came back tonight
And said in case Zuo Lengchan returns,
he can protect me.

I couldn't refuse him.
He has a grandeur that no one can resist.
Can't sleep?
I'm fine.
Sop fantasizing and sleep.
I am a respectable gentleman.
What now?
My shoulders are cold.
Shall I warm them for you?
Are you cold?
A little.
You... need my hand?
Can do.
Warmer now?
Warmer. My feet are getting cold though.
Let's put our feet together.
We can hold each other tight.