Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring

What's the matter, Nibbles?
Cat got your tongue?

Yeah! Cat got your tongue?
Hey, Joey, straighten up.
I think someone's coming to adopt us.

Okay, Freddie, okay.
Here's a new friend for you, sweetie pie.
Well, well. What do we have here?
Hey, Freddie, look.
He's wearing a crown on his head.

So he is, Joey.
Looks like we got a royal mouse
in the house.

Relax, Your Highness.
We'll get back to you
as soon as we're done talking...

:40:41 our buddy Nibbles over here.
Yeah, talking.
Make a break for it, King. Save yourself!
This'll be a lead-pipe cinch.
I mean, we got twice his horsepower.

We're gaining on him.
-Yeah, gaining.
-Big cage, isn't it?

Toy cars ought to have airbags.
-Yeah, airbags.
-Time to do some bodywork.

Now you stay put.
We'll get right back to you.