Where is my baby?
Wow, you don't want to shoot me,
Mrs. Jennings.

Shut up! Where is she?
Abby is with my cousin.
My cousin has a celll phone.
If l don't call him every 30 minutes,
he is going to kill her,
as if you would want him to do

I'd just say that you definitely
look prettier than this.

Sit down!!
Look, Mrs. Jennings.
Nothing's going to happen to Abby
as long as nothing happens to me.

You can count on Marvin.
He always does what exactly what he's told.

And it's always that's me to tell him.
What do you want?
You are a smart lady.
You pick up things really quickly.
You do.

You see what we have here
is a kidnapping for ransom.

But see, it's not just any kidnapping.
It's a perfect kidnapping.
And I know that perfect,
because I've done it 4 times before I caught you.

Take me to her, you son of a bitch!
l know, I know exactly what you're thinking.
I'll tell you what happened to the other 4 kids.
I want you to know every single one of those kids
is right at this moment,
watching barney, swimming in the pools,
or riding the ponys, or whatever the fuck you have
for your rich little kids do.
It's all because I give the parents
the power to keep them alive.
If you follow the rules
and let me make my cost tomorrow
to keep him safe

Now, Karen. It's Okay.
I'll call him, Karen.

You keep that gun if you want.
If it makes you feel any better
but I just going to tell you
something about the gun, Okay?

You'll kill 2 people one for one.