Try Seventeen

I tell you things,
and you don't listen.

You don't ever listen to me,
do you?

Well, you don't ever tell me
what I want to hear.

Don't you start. This is about you,
Jones. This is about reality.

I'm gonna have to hang up.
I've got breakfast coming.

There's a place that delivers
bagels and belly dancers.

-It's fantastic.
-Are you drunk, Jones?

What are you talking about?
-Here she is.

You can set that down anywhere.
-How did he find out?
-I called him.

You were bored, so you called.
Wrong. I missed him,
and I wanted to call him, so I did.

Didn't he fuck you up or something?
What's your problem, Jones?
I thought we were friends.
He came 2000 miles, Jones.
She can't help herself, Jones.
It's a biological weakness...