Undercover Brother

Hell's wrong with you bringing
a white girl in my house?

She's working with us now, Chief.
With my extensive and intimate
knowledge of The Man's organization,...

I can help you stop his evil plan.
Smart Brother,
take White She-Devil to the lab...

and find out exactly
what she knows.

You know, you're cute in
a Theo Huxtable kind of way.

Really? Usually I get Al Roker.
"Here's what's happening
in your neck of the woods."

Chief, various brother agents,
I owe all of you a huge apology.

I just watched this show...
Maybe you've heard of it?

It taught me such
a profound lesson about bigotry.

I have sat on the sidelines
of race relations long enough.

I want to march down
that field of oppression...

and kick that ball of bigotry right
over the goalpost of intolerance.

Son, you talk a lot of shit.
- Yes, I do.

But you down.
Are you kidding?

You're going to let the white boy
join just like that?

I was in secret agent school
for three years!

Three years.
I paid for them classes myself.

You made me.
- Chief. Chief.

I performed a full range
spectral analysis...

on Miss White She-Devil's
brain waves.

Then, I unlocked her subconscious
using a special form of hypnosis.

Then, I gently brushed her hair.
Then, I reached deep within...
her tight little pockets and I found
a list of The Man's targets.

Good Lord.
They're going after James Brown
tomorrow night at the Grammys.

We need to stop him.
Find the General and give him the antidote.

That's right.
It's goin' to the streets. Hey, y'all!

It's revolution up in this bitch!
Set the alarm to def-con five!
It's on, baby. It's on.
Good work, White She-Devil.
- Thanks.

Oh, you in too.
What the fuck?! Chief!

I never see that bitch
in my secret agent classes!

I'm still paying the loans off, man!
I sleep on a pissy mattress.