Vampires: Los Muertos

-How often?
-Once a day, two pills.

Another at night if l can't sleep.
You got plenty?
-A couple months' worth.
-Then what?

Then Mexico City again.
lt was so strong.
Not like the other times.
lt was like she was stalking me.
Look, l gotta ask you...
-...did she bite you or something?
-She tried to.

At the coffee shop she tasted me.
But something made her stop.

Maybe it was the medicine.
-This is it?
-Unless someone wants to drive.

-No, let's stop.
-l'm hungry.

Let's keep it simple. l want everybody
back in here before dark.

Ex cuse me, but ain't no
way l'm sleeping in this.

-You get used to it.
-l was in the Navy.

Even on a ship you got more room
than that.

l get nervous in tight spaces.
l might wake up in the night
and shoot somebody.

You don't wanna face
a vampire at night.

All due respect, but you ain't
been working with Miss Piggy.

Granted, it may take one, two,
even three rounds.

When she speaks, even the coldest
of the cold have to listen.

No ex ceptions.
Believe me, little brother,
them slugs never lie.

All right, get your beauty rest.
But you gotta drive first shift.

You got it, boss.