Vampires: Los Muertos

Well, where's everybody?
They're watching.
The norteños have come
to kill the devils of the night.

l saw it in a dream.
ls it true?
We have come to try.
Today is Día de los Muertos.
Day of the Dead.

But your timing is very good. Carlo!
A beautif ul girl, hungry, homeless...
...was taken in by a family
outside of town.

The family became strange.
The light left their eyes.
They disappeared.
Soon, others did too.
lt was said they went to the ruins
and lived underground.

People saw them at night drinking
the blood of those not yet afflicted.

This was once a thriving place.
Now, people cower in beds
while the devils walk the streets.

Two days ago, our priest disappeared.
Last night the church was burned.
The police never came around
very much.