WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3


"They won't catch much today."
"It's like that every day lately."
"It isn't just because
they don't know how to fish."

"You can't catch fish
if they aren't there."

"You think so, too?"
"This place is about fished out."
"I got a boatload of turkeys here."
"And the weather report..."
"...said clear skies, too!"
"Can't be helped."
"And here I bought infield seats."
"At Marine Stadium?"
"Marines vs Hawks."
"You bought advance tickets for that?"
"The place'll be empty!"
"Yeah, but the Marines are
our local team!"

The Bluewaves'll walk away with...
...the Pacific League this year.
The Central League's hard to call.
"The Giants have been
falling over their feet all season."

They just haven't decided...
...who should win it this year yet.
"Think the Tigers have a chance?"
"Hey, what's that?"
What's what?
"5 o'clock!"