WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3

We must also recover
every last bit of its tissue.

Ideally we would...
...have a deserted site
to which access was forbidden.

Unfortunately, we're in Tokyo.
Lights, please.
We trust that...
...the police and self-defence forces...
...will handle...
...the difficulties we expect...
...in a spirit of close cooperation.
How exactly can
Special Vehicles Unit 2 help?

You're the ones who know
how to shoot.

We'll leave that to you.
And you'll take care of...
...all the special weapons?

There's something
you need to hear!

What do you fuckers
think you're doing?!

Who do you think you are,
getting in the way of my filming!

Hey! Answer me, you pig!
You think you're so fucking special!

He says, "These actions
are most regrettable."

This is really something!
Can you do something with that?
One mistake and it's all over.
The circuits are...
...far too complicated.
Just as long as we can
point the lights.