War Photographer

It seems too graphic
and unemotional.

I would prefer
those grieving people.

- For this double page here?
Yes, for the big page.
- Okay.

There's already a great deal
of misery in it!

I like this sad
figure walking through

the streets full of destruction...
Fits perfect!
And Goma! One million refugees!
Thousands died

and couldn't be
buried in the volcanic

soil. There were piles of corpses!
Right! The piles of corpses...
It'd be great!
There are the piles!

That looks fantastic!
You think we should
use this one? - I'd enlarge it.

This is also a terrific picture.
The corpses being dumped.
- Maybe we should put it here.

Have it enlarged.
- Okay, fine.

Can you tell that the corpses
being dumped aren't in Africa?

You don't have
to see the corpses...

You can substitute
them with this.

Here you feel like you're being
shown some scene in Africa.

It starts with Africa, and you
think it's an African horror trip.

But his idea is worldwide horror.
It zooms in again...
- Then there's the head...