I think I'll walk. It's nice weather.
A perfect ending
to a perfect evening.

Sofia, I don't understand.
You're very cute when you try so hard.
But you don't trust women.

It's not easy with women.
They leave me or break my heart.

I don't want to do either, Hubert.
All I want is to spend some time together.
That's love.

Not crying over someone who has
been gone for over twenty years.

Nineteen years.
-Nineteen years if you prefer.

If she really loved you she would still be here.
And you would have had beautiful children.

But she is gone and all she left were
a few memories and recipies.

Call me when your heart is free again.
I don't know how to cook.
But I do know how to please a man.
Our kids would be beautiful.

You really look burned out.
You should take a vacation.

I think it's time we seperated.